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Cookbook Review: On Boards

Cookbook Review: On Boards

Tired of always putting out the same boring cheese board when entertaining for friends. Thinking one day, you will create one of those beautifully styled charcuterie boards that you see on Pinterest!

As a baker of sweets, and not many savoury dishes, the cookbook ON BOARDS, by Lisa Dawn Bolton, made me excited to get into the kitchen.  

A cookbook filled with delicious ideas in creating charcuterie boards for any occasion, big or small. Organized into three sections; Getting Started, outlines the various boards, dishes, tools needed to prepare and create the board recipes in the book. The second section, The Boards, showcases various themes and occasions to create a charcuterie board; including holidays, special occasions and international foods. The third section, Recipes, detail each of the dips, sauces, relishes, jams, savoury and sweet additions added to the boards.

Ever wonder how much to serve? Will it be enough? One doesn’t want an empty board, but what about all the leftovers. The author outlines each of the board layouts noting the number of people the board will serve, then approximate quantities for each item in the list of ingredients. There is even a tip noted on each board about what type of beverage will complement it.

Have you considered making your own dips, or hummus for your board? The recipes included in this cookbook are straightforward and made with ingredients you will find in your local grocery store. I was pleased to find a recipe for mushroom pâté, as a traditional pâté isn’t always enjoyed by everyone.

The photos in this cookbook are beautiful, the author is a food stylist and blogger, and her photos in this book don’t disappoint. Each board theme is showcased with a styled photo, and being a visual person, I love to see what the finished recipe should look like.

TIPS from the Pro:

  • Boards are not only great as an appetizer but can be perfect for a casual meal with friends, most of the items can be made ahead of time, so less time in the kitchen and spent with your friends.
  • If using a slate board, you can pop the board into the fridge/freezer first.  The slate will stay cool, which works well if you are taking the board outdoors.
  • Did you know the cheese knife with the holes in the blade is used with soft cheese? The blade cuts through the cheese, and the holes doesn’t let the cheese stick to the blade. Genious!

Would you love to know more about this cookbook, and how to make an amazing charcuterie board during the holidays?

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