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Take the holidays outside …

Take the holidays outside …

Welcome yourself home
with a festive outdoor planter

It happens every year, despite having attended numerous workshops and classes on arranging the perfect holiday-themed holiday planter, I forget how to do it. Not sure if this is my brain’s way of telling me I need another trip to the nursery to take in the fresh smells and delightful sights there or is an excuse to spend time with a couple of close friends.

No matter the reason, early November always has me marvelling at the beautiful Christmas planters that start to appear in the local garden centres. I’m in awe of the talent floral designers have when putting these planters together.

Once you have decided it is time to put the fall arrangements away and take advantage of the not too cold days in November to start your holiday decorating, Christmas planters are the perfect way to add some colour and sparkle to your front entrance area. The neighbours will love them, and they always provide a bit of holiday cheer each evening when you arrive home at the end of a long day, if you are like me. 

To create a holiday planter, you will need:

  • Plastic garden pot, filled with potting soil
  • 3-4 various types of evergreen boughs
  • Dogwood twigs
  • Branches of berries – real or artificial
  • Pinecones
  • Ornaments from planters past and a bow

One tidbit I always remember when thinking of my holiday planter design – the floral designer’s tip – THRILLER – SPILLER – FILLER.

The THRILLER is the main focal point, roughly twice as tall as the container.

The SPILLER is the greenery spilling over the sides of your container.

The FILLERs add mass and provide the full look to your container. This is where you can add colour and your favourite décor items.

Tips from the Pro:

  • The best type of evergreens for decorating; cedar, spruce, pine, hemlock, juniper, cypress, boxwood
  • To add a splash of color, use colorful berries, and bright colored branches such as White Birch, and Red Twig Dogwood 
  • When working with greens, pine in particular, has sap and will stain your clothes, so be sure to wear your workwear and garden gloves

Did you know …

  • You want your planters to stay beautiful. Water or spray it once a week until temperatures drop below freezing. 
  • If you have a lightweight planter container, fill the bottom with a brick or stones first to weigh it down before adding the holiday planter
  • After a heavy snow, use a broom to gently brush snow off greens. This is especially important with leafy greens, like eucalyptus, boxwood, or hollies.

Making your own holiday planter is so much more rewarding than purchasing one and you will be the envy of the neighbourhood. Plus, it is a great excuse to smell the fresh greens and enjoy the beautiful poinsettias at your local garden centre. Bonus: gather a couple of friends together to enjoy some girlfriend time while being productive.

Have you created a holiday planter you love? Show off and share it with us!

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