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Hollywood may be coming to your street corner

Hollywood may be coming to your street corner

Canada:  a favourite spot for filming Christmas movies

Tis’ the season to curl up on a chilly day watching TV. Nothing better than spending the afternoon in cozy flannel jammies and a cup of hot chocolate topped with melting marshmallows.

In our home, we tend to watch tv dramas, legal and mystery shows. But this year I was seeking some relief from our typical everyday life, and what better way to unwind from reality than with a Hallmark movie.

You know the ones, always the same plot: city girl heads to a small town, meets local boy, falls in love, has a disagreement, realizes it was a mistake, reunites. We joke we could all be a writer of a Christmas movie. I stumbled across this infographic, so true of every Hallmark movie.

As an avid traveller, I love to watch the landmarks of the small towns as many Hallmark movies are filmed here in Canada. Spotting the characters doing any of these: walking on the heritage bridge in downtown North Bay; skating on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa; enjoying mountain views of the Rockies or having a coffee/drink in one of the beautiful historical Fairmont Hotels gives me a jolt of True North Pride. Play along and see how many you can spot, as they are hard to miss in the sweeping town overviews. 

Commonly reoccurring on the west coast in British Columbia; Whistler, Abbotsford, Victoria, a few this season were filmed right here in Ontario. 

Christmas Inheritance was filmed in Niagara on the Lake

A Cheerful Christmas was filmed in Ottawa

Christmas in Montana was filmed in Grimsby

Christmas in Grand Valley was filmed in Bracebridge

Veteran’s Christmas was filmed in Huntsville, near where I live.

So, you have chosen a movie title, settled in and within five minutes you start to think “How cheezie!” But you just can’t turn the channel; you need to see the story unfold and know all is well in the world. With all the stress of life, we all need some Hallmark holiday love.

It is comforting to know that with the holiday season coming to a close, the fun folks at W Channel have a ‘Winterfest’ set to air the New Year begins. More love at the lodge, ski slopes and small towns to enjoy through the cold winter days.

Did you find a holiday movie this season that became a new family favourite?  Do you have a store about a hallmark movie filmed in your town? We would love to hear about it in the comments below.

Be sure to add your movie ‘Canada sightings’ in the comments.

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