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Cookbook Review: YUM & YUMMER!

Cookbook Review: YUM & YUMMER!

Staying focused for a healthier 2020 this month’s cookbook is Yum and Yummer!  Written by Canadian Greta Podleski of the famed sister duo that wrote the cookbook trilogy Looney Spoons, Crazy Plates, Eat Shrink & Be Merry.  Keeping true to their wholesome recipes and witty descriptions, Greta has filled this cookbook with flavourful healthy recipes.

The cookbook features ten chapters starting with appetizers, or Snacketizers, soups, salads, meatless dishes, fish, chicken, meat, side dishes, sweet treats and ending with breakfast.  Each recipe is written using many items that you will find in your pantry, and outer isles at the grocery store.  A beautiful photo follows each recipe along with a scan code for a video about the recipe online. How great is that!

Greta comes up with Kitchen Whisdom for many of the recipes discussing ways to make the recipe from scratch or using quick alternatives to prepare the recipe within 30 minutes.  Greta also notes a YUM version or YUMMY version if you are looking to change up the recipe with various substitutions.

I love that Greta doesn’t focus on one style of “healthy” eating, this cookbook is filled with delicious easy to make recipes that fit into many lifestyles. Recipes that are filled with vegetables, low in sugar, and options to switch up the recipe with gluten-free pasta or adding meats for your meat and potato loving partner.

TIPS from the PRO:

  • When making hummus, canned chickpeas will work just as nice as soaking dried chickpeas overnight
  • Using fresh ginger root? Freeze the gingerroot first, it is easier to grate when frozen
  • Make Quinoa overnight in Thermos! Put 1 cup Quinoa in the thermos, add 1 ¾ cup boiling water or vegetable stock, close the lid tightly, gently tilt the thermos back and forth a couple of times to mix.  Go to bed!

I’ve been wanting to try chocolate avocado pudding and was excited to see a recipe in this cookbook, it will be the next recipe I try.

If you make a recipe from this cookbook, I’d love to see pics of your creations on Instagram #CookbookClubHuntsvilleON  @yumandyummier

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